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Making Love By Nevada Falls

My girlfriend and I traveled to Yosemite for a short weekend with another couple. We had fun hiking up the John Muir trail to the top of Nevada Falls. To celebrate we wanted to make love so my buddy and his wife took off to find some privacy and do the same thing. We decided to make love next to the falls so we could hear the raging waters going over the edge. Just like my **** which wanted to come the same way.. Finding that it was too cold outside to screw on top of the sleeping bag naked we decided to compromise and get inside the tight fitting bag so we would be like a cocoon. Both of us quickly got undressed showing off our excited nakedness to each other. My erection was raging and my girlfriends sex was dripping wet and dilated. Since the ground was so hard my girlfriend wanted to be on top of me. I crawled into the bag first on my back and my girlfriend quickly slid on top of me pushing my erection directly into her wet vagina. With the roaring sound of the waterfall for our music my girlfriend started screwing me in the wilderness. It was exciting making love in such a natural place. That was the hottest lovemaking session we ever had celebrating our first hike together!
magic7 magic7 61-65, M 1 Response Jul 25, 2012

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A great and memorable experience. Thanks for sharing it!!!