I Don't Really Get the Logo....

But I do love to make love. The sensuality of it all.


Wrapped in each others arms. Slow sensual kisses. First the lips, then the jaw line, a slight nibble on the earlobe, then down my neckline, a slight sweep of your lips across my collarbone and down to my breast. Slowly undressing one another.

Hands tangled in each others hair, slightly tugging. Our breathing becomes heavier. Our kisses faster and more passionate as we try to find each others lips as our naked bodies finally come together, chest to chest. Temperatures rising; skin becomes hot.

Hands running across each other. You gently but passionately lay me back; work your way down to my breast, down my stomach, down my thighs and then back to my middle.

The soft strokes of your tongue that you start with but don't finish with. As you make your way up and finally, get your way inside of me as I readily accept. And passionately, gently, roughly, beautifully we make love to each other until neither of us can barely stand to make our muscles do anything more but curl up with each other.


brwneyedbeauty brwneyedbeauty
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10 Responses Dec 25, 2008

nice one <br />
it is a very good words

nice one i like it

nice one i like it

Wow! that was so beautiful. I closed my eyes after reading and was consumed by wanting.


good story

lovely an interesting

nice story.........


Sweet and somewhat surprising from a person as young as you are. With a start like this you should have a pleasurable life. Congrats!