What the Heck? So Many Members and Not 1 Story? What Up?

So do you want to hear about how i was over at mi amor's...  we had already kicked back a few drinks and had fully satisfied ourselves.  But it was early still.  so we went down to the kitchen and was snackin around and had another drink.  and when he went back into the kitchen to make another drink....  I followed.  I love watchin that man...  i slithered up behind him.  runnin my hands all over his sexy body while he is trying to fix the drinks without spilling it all over.   My goal is to make him so distracted... that he not only spills stuff everywhere he doesn't care....  LOL  He did not spill.  DAMMIT.  he won  so when he puts the soda back in the fridge and gets the door shut i am already in place to have him pinned against the fridge.  LOL  he grins.  he knows he is gonna get it again.  that is what you get for being so damn talented.  Fu*#ed against the fridge.  it was so frigging funny.  the next morning i could not find my bra anywhere.  but when we went downstairs to make coffee...   TA-DA!!!   there it was on top of the Refridgerator!  

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2007

Love the fun aspect you bring..and the spontaneity..keep up the energy...and the fun will follow..:)

Well who doesn't - but not just sex - really making love. Hours spent together, talking, touching, feeling. Eyes opened as if the window to your soul is there for your lover to peak into.....

You're so cute.