A Special Moment

Making love is more than sex

It is an art that goes beyond the skin

It is to ***** down the soul, slowly

and to sin without fear

leaving the shyness behind

It is a divine act

of infinite pleasure

Making the body

an instrument of sublime desire

with passion and gentleness

The wish drips

like the water of a hot bath

Words from the heart

that sounds like poems

The lips describe the hunger

and the hands print the thirsty

for the anatomy

Touches sliding like foams

giving all the sensual scents

that numbs the senses

chanting sighs

Bodies of lovers

exploding in a lewd tremor

of total pleasure...


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9 Responses Nov 4, 2009

Mmm. like it. Not sure about "lewd tremor" though.

I have just started reading your posts/stories as I am very new to EP.Your words here are very thoughtful and meaningful I enjoyed reading and amd going to read more of your stories.Glad I found EP/

Princess you really write in such a beautiful way. This in itself portrays the fact that making love is so much more than just having sex. xx

hands down that is beautiful beyond words.

What a glorious way to illustrate what love-making really is. I totally agree.

your stories are so lovely and true Princess. makes the heart feel good.

A way with words....one of the many ways to connect erotically.....

it leaves me speechless to adequately compliment what you write.<br />
<br />
Just touches me deeply, connects on a level so wonderful<br />
<br />
thank you!

Man i am in love with you :).. It is written so beautifully. I am sure soul of the writer would be much more beautiful than how it is written.