One of My Favourite Memories..

... going back in the bush with my Dad is my very favourite memory. He would tell me about the old days of gathering sap, and he would always point out the old boiling places - the Headrick boiling place, of course, and MacLaren's boiling place too, both on our property now. My Grandma would tell me about how her Dad and Grandpa would take her out to the boiling place with the horses, and she would sleep in a snowbank in the early Spring sun while they boiled.

I have never made syrup. I always wanted to, and I always asked my Dad, every late Winter, can't we tap some trees and make some syrup? And he would always say, no I did that every year when I was younger, it's too much work.

I understand that. My Dad worked very hard when he was a youngster, and now that he can afford to NOT do that work, he takes advantage. And I'm glad for him. He buys syrup from another maple bush now. But we love maple syrup, and we are sure glad that someone is out there boiling!
genzero genzero
41-45, F
Jul 27, 2007