Oral Sex

When I was in school my girlfriends would tell me when some boy would eat them out then I'd ask the guy out on a date but I'd just make him eat me out or I'd tell all his friends that he is a ***** eater. I think that I only want that typ of sex now because intercourse don't feel good for me. Where can I find some men to just eat then go away.
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18-21, F
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You just found one!

So, would you return the favor? If I eat you, will you suck me?

You wouldn't have to Make me, I volunteer. I Love giving a woman oral pleasure more than any other form of sexual activity. I would give you multiple ******* and it would cause me such pleasure that I get the biggest, hardest erections when I am giving a woman oral pleasure that most often when she is having her second or third ****** I *** like crazy without even touching myself. Then I can settle down to cleaning up all her sweet nectar with my tongue licking her nice and clean.

cool *********** is my fav......any one want it? jst ask me......sure u get it !!!

i would love to eat you for a few hours then leave you.

It can be hard to find someone you can trust to do this. But it's worth it when you do. ;-)


just call me, i do that every chance i get and never ask for anything in return

face-**** me anytime you want to, ohyeahbaby! *** against my face hard and often, make me drink your pussyjuice as oft as you want to

If you genuinely wanted it, you'd have no trouble finding a man whose only desire was to eat it and beat it, to give you truly zipless, anonymous and unreciprocated oral sex. For a man to find a woman who wants the same thing is more difficult, but here's how such an encounter might work for you.<br />
<br />
There is no time, no chat, no coffee, no glass of wine. Long enough to look you over, tacitly approve you and ask if you're sure you understand what you've signed up for. A minute later, no more, you follow me through my front door. The room is ready - music, lights. I sit, I point to the cushion between my feet, I tell you to kneel. You do as you are bid, wordless. I hike up my skirt and before you have a chance to take the initiative my hands are in your hair roughly forcing your face into my ****, into already wet silk, into the pulsing heat and powerful scent of a ***** that has been readying itself for this encounter all day. My left hand tugs your head back, my right pulls my panties to the side. You tilt your mouth towards my **** but I shift my ***, lift my legs slightly and force your nose into my slick ******. Your tongue tentatively touches my *******. I move and force your mouth onto this forbidden fruit so that it ceases to be your choice and becomes mine. Your slippery probing sets up an electric tingling which radiates to the tips of my fingers and toes. When my thighs are not blocking your ears you hear me urging you on but the talking is for me, not you. And so it is with everything until I am sated And then we talk..

Find one here.