Looking To Make Friends With Other People Who Love Making Movies.

So I'm 20 and in the military. Wish I wasn't though because i LOVE filmmaking, particularly producing and editing. Not a fan of holding the camera or setting up the shot. If you want to check out my videos take a look. YOUTUBE: FrazMedia
I have a weird creative flow with projects. As if i'm artisticly bi-polar. I'll have 6 months of ideas and motivation and six months where I hibernate and don't even want to look at my camera. Well fortunately for me, I have emerged from my cinemagraphic slumber bursting with ideas, and an empty bank account. I got diffusion gels, c-stands and for all you camera nuts, be jelly when i say I got the FULL GLIDECAM SETUP!!! I'm going back home to rhode island to make these projects and take photographs with my friend who is also big into this stuff, maybe bigger than me. And we are looking for some ideas. It could be for photography, or video. If you think it's a creative idea i would LOVE to hear it. I'm no professional but when i'm done with this 'protecting the world for freedom and democracy' **** i'm for sure going to film school. Besides all this idea nonsense, I just got to this site and i'm trying to network around, maybe talk with some other people who have experience and we can share our knowledge. Hope to hear from you!
FrazMedia FrazMedia
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013