I Got High On My Girl!

The other night last week, my girl and I had the heaviest makeout session in the history of our relationship.  We make out a lot, but it's never been NEARLY as heavy as this time.  We were both wearing shorts.  It started out like normal.  We kissed each other's mouths, faces, and bodies.  Then we started using ice on each other.  We would get an ice cube, run it up and down each other, and then lick off all the melted water.  We would scream in pleasure.  I bit her back a few times...that REALLY got her going!  Here's where things got out of hand.  I was wearing pretty loose shorts with loose boxers.  She was rubbing my leg, and she kept getting higher and higher, underneath my shorts, underneath my boxers, and she accidentally barely touched one of my balls!  She never touched my balls again, but she kept doing the same thing to my legs.  She rubbed my inner thighs right beneath my balls and massaged them...it drove me crazy!  I was moaning and screaming in pleasure, and the more I screamed, the harder she would do it!  Eventually, after we had gotten out from underneath each other's shorts, we were holding each other really close and I was scratching her back really hard.  Then she actually grabbed my penis and balls (not the actual skin...I had my shorts on and she grabbed them over my shorts), and I was going crazy!  Then we finally stopped each other...we knew we had taken things too far.

I was so tingly and weak...it felt so good though!  I was limp as a worm...it was as if I was on some awesome drug.  It lasted all night.  Throughout the night, she would tease me and do some of those little things that drive me crazy.  She massaged my inner thighs again a few times...I had to stop her eventually.  We both decided we're never taking things that far again...even though we freaking loved it.

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I'm going horny thinking about it

Come down to my place one day :)

Sexy as

I'm glad you don't live here because if you did, I might have to slap you.

We haven't so far. We're doing quite well I think :-)

Well, if we take it that far again, it will probably lead to sex. It was close enough already.