Yep, this is what me and my BF call it: Fun-Time.

I love to make out! It feels amazing, and relaxing, and natural of all things. I really like it because my sexual pleasure can be satisfied and my needs met without the risk of an STD or pregnancy. Yes, germs are exchanged, but I've been vaccinated against Meningitus etc. Plus, with a healthy immune system and a little mouthwash, I don't have to worry.

It's just such a fun way to express your love for someone. Although it is one thing you do have to be careful of just because you have to be conscious of your own body and the comfort of the partner.

But yeah, I love having fun-time!!
VonMelon VonMelon
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 1, 2008

Seems more like following a doctor's presc<x>ription than making out with someone .... :D