In The Kitchen ;)

This past weekend was the best make out session I've ever had. I was at a party and I got really drunk. I was dancing with a guy slow grinding to a song. Next thing you know we kissed. We went to the kitchen and kissed some more. He was caressing my neck and chest with his lips. He started getting rougher. We kept accidentally turning on the washer so there would be these random buzzing sounds. He started Kissing me harder and harder. He had me pinned against the wall touching my body in all the forbidden places. It was amazing. His lips were incredible and addicting but it was just a make out session nothing more.
LoverInTheClouds LoverInTheClouds
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4 Responses Mar 1, 2011

Omg sexy az


So a good night then.

Sometimes thats all you need and lets you imagine what it would be like if it went further, And then the time comes when it does, and makes the experience even hotter :)