It Was a Quicky

When I was in high school I went to dances, parties, with various girls but nothing serious My parents had warned me to avoid any commitment and I did not feel strongly about any one girl
It was when I ws in college that I met this one girl Actualy on my summer job in a factory
She smiled at me and we talked and a few days later we went on my first serious date I did not know it but she was quite experinced sexualy despite being younger than me She did not know I was still a virgin so after the date she gave me a quicky sitting on my lap in the car I was blown away
That is the extent of my making out I still remeber it in detail My first long deep kiss, first unhooking her bra, first loose panties she had on , first penetration and explosion All in about 5 glorious mins
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Jul 16, 2012