His Empty House! :**

he is a guy who makes out wid evry1 n isnt srs bout any1. bt im attracted to him n hes the hottest guy you can meet.he called me home as his home was empty. i had made out once earlier with him so i was kinda easy. he asked me bout wat to do..i stood up and asked him to kiss me. he kissed me so good! i cud fell his tounge going deep inside my mouth! it was a vry long kiss.we kissed 5 more times...he opened my top button..got his hands over my upper body..n into my bra..onto my breasts. he asked me to lie over him n asked if he cud take off my shirt..bt i said i needed to go home. we kissed for like 10 mins. i felt so good! he also held my hips and tried to put it near his ****. nxt time im going to do more with him. best thing bout him is that he doesnt force me. he stops wen i tell him to stop. :) wen i was going home i hugged him and kissed his cheeks.
Nutzie Nutzie
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hi whats your name?

nice story whats your name?