1st Makeout Session

well i was 13 and he 13 too me and his friends were all at a friday football game just chillin near the scoreboard it was about 12 of us we started realizing that some of our friends just started making out and he was like u wanna do that i said sure and leaned in for a kiss i was soo nervouse but as soon as our lips were about to touch he said no then i was so shocked he didnt want to kiss me since he was arm and arm with me all night i asked why dont u wanna kiss me he said i do just not here so i like to keep things private so we went walking around the whole stadium and walked to the baseball field which was right behind the defending teams stands so we walked to the baseball stands and sat there and started talking then he went in for the kiss i was so nervouse then as soon we were gonna kiss again we heard someone call our names "****" i wispered it was our friends that were looking for us then they asked wat wevwere doing out here we told thim we wanted to be alone so as soon as he started to walk away more and more of our friends started coming over her so we got up and ran to the way edge of the parking lot where the trees were and we stopped at the fence he was behond me and i was looking away from him dacing the fence when i heard him whisper finally and he ran up to me soo closed and turned me around agressively so he could look at me for some reason i liked this aggressive ness then he slowley went for my lips and stuck his toung in my mouth i was so not expecting this it felt soo good then he started sucking on my neck i felt soo good i let out ablittle moan and he laughed in my neck then he stopped and grabbed my hand and started to walk away then i said "wait i want u to do more" this automatically turned him on then he said r u sure im really expireienced i said yeh so he pushed me against the fence and sucked my neck i love this aggressive ness even more then he grabbed my *** this was only turning me own more so i whispered in his ear "i want more" so he said dont say i didnt warn u so he grabbed my thighs and picked me up and wrapped me around his waist i shocked shrieked with excitement as he started rubbing his pelvis against mine then he stuck his hand up my shirt i was loving this then i wanted more so he slid his hand down into my pants as he was kissing me i pulled away from his kiss trying to catch my breath this was unbelievable "the furthest i ever got with a guy" he was so drivin into his goal which was to make me *** i felt a weird sensation in my pants as his hand went faster and faster i kissed him more aggressively till i pulled away and let out a loud moan then he put me down simply kissed me on my cheeck grabbed my hand and we walked back to our friend they asked where weve been we simply looked at each other and laughed
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Jan 20, 2013