Just A Friggin Great Day!

Today was the start of a busy period at work. Lots of problems lots of upset people. We were expecting the worst of the locals and tourisits demanding to buy stock that really wasn't there. So like every year, some of us dressed up as different cartoon characters to make our day just that bit more relaxed and not just work related.
It was a total blast! we had all sorts, a Woody, Fiona from shreck, Bat girl, tinkabell, superwoman! OMG yes i said OMG, it was so much fun. I do believe that the day went so well because the kids that usually go around the department store are so bored that they throw tantrums, want everything and just in general wind their parents up. In turn those parents wind the staff up where they are so frustraited with their kids. Usually we have lost children, screaming children, children who pull stands down, children who pee over the floor and so on. But today.... nothing. and I do believe it was because they had all these wierd people walking around. Something that they hardl ever see, something to keep their brilliant little minds and imaginations going. We all stayed in character when talking to people with kids with them and it worked! One day a year, like santa we all come out and help! " so you're santa's elves?" "No, we're just his extra helpers, doing market research as to what to get you for christmas!" they walked off or we're pushed along in their prams a little confussed but....... silent! It really was amazing. Kids that i have known for a while didnt recognise me. It truely was amazing.

farelle farelle
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010