Happy Rules

Making people happy makes me happy. I am kidda in the middle of Making people and Surprising people. Sure You can make people happy but they don’t have super funny faces when you throw their Birthday a day early. :D I think if more and more people make people happy the world would have less issues and more ice cream flavors. That or more people walking around with “FREE HUGS” sighs. Who doesn’t like to hug strangers? :) I do it all the time at A.E.G.O.A. It is fair where they really do that. So I am not the only weirdo that hugs people he/she doesn't know. Happy Rules!
ShybutBrave ShybutBrave
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 9, 2010

I forgot about the 'Free Hugs' slogan.. I should make myself a t-shirt of that! :D