I Love To Help People Any Way I Can!!!

There is a merry go round in The mall where my husband and I go just to get out with my wheel chair since I have a broken hip and with my Health...I occasionally gave the attendants money and told them to give a child who really,looked like he or she wanted a ride. They never knew who I was or why I was doing it, but I felt that no child should have to go without it if possible. $5.00 brought 4 rides and it was up to the person running it to continue my Act of Kindness. Anytime Im at an amusement park or such, I always try to buy extra tickets and hand them out to kids and encourage older folks to ride too. Some are too shy and think you have to have a child to go on. I ride whenever I can, and not just the seats. It"s how I want to live the rest of my life...Anto815
Anto815 Anto815
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What a kind person you are Anto I'm glad to get to know you.

Thanks I wrote that story a long time ago Thanks for reading. I am glad that I have gotten to get to know you too..

I love the kids to! at weddings and things you will often find me on the jumping castle with the kids!<br />
they have such a beautiful innocents... and i enjoy that!<br />
<br />
i'll remember to get some extra tickets at the funfair too from now on ! Wonderful seed you planted!

Hi Barry, I just love seeing the kids at wedding too there is nothing more than seeing kids having so much fun. Thanks for reading and replying i wrote this a long time ago and i kidda gave up but tonight i just happened to look and saw you so thanks for making my night..

That's such a sweet thing to do :)

Thanks I enjoy doing it. It makes me feel good inside knowing that i made someone's day.

HELLO....I really loved that you shared that story with me I think that is just great..I am only 48 and I have a Broken Hip so I am in a wheelchair and I just love people and mostly Kids.(My daughter is 17) Boy do i want another one but I find that giving joy to others makes me feel like a better person. Thanks for taking the time in reading my story. Im only sorry it has taken so long to reply. I know that when you get older you will do whats in your heart. Hope you have a great day. Anytime you want to chat Im always here.Thanks again...

:D You sound like a woman I know. She is my grandomther. She is ALWAYS buying over the limit. she bought 100 tickets at a fair. Then given the exras out. She is always going on rides with kids that are too small to get on by themselfs. I think that's how I made so many friends. And one time she got 25 ELDERS to ride the tea cups with thier kids and other kids they didn't know. I laughed so hard when she got ALL of them to ride with just themselfs. Old people spinning in tea cups with hands in the air and some acting like they were too scarred for the ride made the whole park cry laughing. When I get older I want to become like you and them.