How To Make People Happy, My Way.

I use several methods to make people happy:

If I find out its okay with that person ahead of time, I would hug that person in order to cure them of their sadness and make them feel better.

I would have no problem using scripture from the bible in order to remind them God loves them no matter what they are going through.

I would remind them of their happy memories so they will think in the light rather than in the darkness.

I would comfort them by doing things with them such as reading a book to them, or making them lunch or dinner with them.

Making people happy is my biggest responsiblity and I intend to do these items with them.

I would be willing to pick them up from the bus station, train station, airport, or etc... if they need me to be there for them.

I would help them with their homework and help them understand the material.

If they are in jail, I would visit them and pray for them so they may not commit the crime of a similar nature again.

I would visit them in the hospital if they are sick from something.
hanticklish hanticklish
18-21, M
May 7, 2012