Happy Army

It is my MISSION to spread happiness :) and since there are too many people on this planet who work very very hard to spread misery, I need more people by my side

so, lets spread happiness?

A kind word
A selfless action
and even a hug <3

because every human being deserves to feel special.
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10-4 to that :)

Being an avid, incurable people person, I enjoy seeing people happy. It makes me happy to see others happy. I like being funny and making myself as well as others smile.
Compassion for others in need is one of the greatest but least understood gifts I have and have a sincere heart of joy when I am able to bless the lives of others. I was told by my mom that this started when I was around three. That was over half century ago and will never be able to stop giving or making people happy!

I really appreciate your work. I'm studying to be an illustrator and when i am done, i want to dedicate my work to helping others through insightful little drawings. I know the wisdom of others made a difference in my life when i was lost. That being said, a smile and a hug goes a long way :-)

Sounds like a wonderful idea! Little illustrations can go a long way too and can really make people's day. That said, a smile & a hug are even better! :)

Happy days.. loool

That's just great, would love to join your army! My own weapon is a pair of loving arms, but I'm not afraid to use them! xx

Sounds grand to me.

would you like to join the army? :)

For sure. Work doesn't count though. Haha.

Roger that..!!
Reporting for duty SIR.!!

Glad to have you on board fellow warrior!

Are we even given a weapon in the Happy Army?

Your weapon is your smile mulkie! SPIRITS UP!

Cheers! Your response made me laugh!

good!!! :D

wow ... beautiful words ... generous mission. Love that way of life .. great

Fearless leader, may I be a General in your army? I will sooo bring it!

do it! :D

Zeig Heil mein happy happy friend!

:D !!! yay for happiness!!

Yay for you! You are so full of win!

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bless you bee im with you :)

oh there .. count me in :)

You have a good point.