My little sister can be a brat and deserves a title far worse than that some days, but I'll always love her.
She is good at every single sport except for basketball. The big game was coming up and the coach had practically told her she wasn't going to get to play even though she'd been working really hard to get on varsity.
I went to pick her up from practice the night before the game, but I was a little early. I left with a small idea and hoped to be back in ten minutes.
Five minutes later I was getting an angry screaming call from my sister demanding where I was and that she was walking home. I told her I'd be there soon and just hung up on her mid-rant.
When I pulled up she first threw her stuff in the backseat and was already yelling about me for leaving her because one of her friends had seen me there earlier and watched me leave.
I just stared forward.
When she opened the front seat she suddenly stopped yelling. She had seen the box on her seat from Panera.
There was a large cobblestone sitting in the box.
She picked it up, sat down and put it on her lap.
When I started driving away she leaned over and gave me a hug.
My sister never hugs me.
Later she told me how happy I'd made her when she was so upset about basketball. I loved that I made her feel that good.
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Jan 8, 2013