The Day Was Looming Large ......

the fourth of Febuary the date of my wife,s parents golden wedding aniversity . The dilema, simple my mother in law has been in a home with alzhiemers and dementure for two years. At  quite an advanced stage what to do , do we it allow to pass or acknowledge the day . The stress on her father well we can only guess. My wife and her sister were in a quandry what to do . As ever life produced the answer the home phoned and said they had baked a cake and were doing a spread. so tea and buns for the pretence . The decision made for them  we duly turned up with cards and bubbly, the boys, wife, sister in law , my father in law and me for the little party in her room . We took our photos opened the cards drank some bubbly ate some cake . She wished her visiters a happy christmas !!! then after an hour the maximim before she gets stressed we left . Dear Mary none the wiser , Jim hasnt eaten for four days and the wine rack is some what depleted.

May the end come soon ....

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Poor souls .... thanks lv

I am so sorry to hear that, hugs

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Hugs honey x

(((((Salar))))) I'm sorry.