They say laughter is the best medicine. Well if that's true, then making people laugh, must be therapeutic for the individual who makes them laugh. If I can go into a boring meeting and liven it up by a single joke, or even a series of jokes, and get them to wake up and laugh, then nothing like it. It's hard to find humor in some things! But where there's a will, there's a way!

Sarcasm has been one of my favorite tools to use for laughter. Sarcasm, has sometimes worked against me though. People get offended easily nowadays. Maybe they choose to be offended so they can get a rise out of everyone there. Of course, I think its because they are jealous they didn't think of the joke first.

The thing I get out of making others laugh, is a sense of making the world a slightly better place. Maybe insignificant. But it's the thought that counts. That's because I thought of it and you laughed when I verbalized it. So that counts right!

OK, all seriousness aside, which I thought we had already established. I think everyone should find humor in their lives. Whether it be from someone you know, or just things you encounter. The more we can laugh at the world, the less likely we will want to take things out on our fellow humans. Hopefully, this will make the world a much better place. And we can all get along to more important business.
ChrisAJ1970 ChrisAJ1970
46-50, M
Aug 26, 2014