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My Father is great at everything, growing up I would help him. He had a work shop all necessary carpentry tools. We made planters out of redwood,and furniture. I really like the smell of fresh cut wood, the wood chips used to take and ball it up in my hands..Take them play with, my breyer horse collection. Wish i still had those, they would be worth a good penny today!. He was a do it all guy, I'm a do it all gurl!.. Plumbing I learned, to electrical work.. U name it I can do it, even to a tune up on a car :)

Even landscaping...decks,gazebos ,sheds..design a house and build it LOL... u name it i can do it :O)

I've designed closing shades for my skylights..built fences from digging the holes..to laying cement and mixing it..

Also make jewelry,wood burn beautiful scenes of animals,nature almost anything i put my mind too! toss in computer nut too !!

I also collect antique tools ..

Really don't have time anymore for all this..When I retire definitely won't be bored :)

Oh even sew..seamstress.. Yes' design my own stuff too! Can oil/water paint ...maybe missed stuff oh" well, LOL U get mewa drift!..If I want to learn, books are my answer..


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I think it is fantastic that you learned so much from your father Candy, You are a real Renaissance Woman! Great story. XOX

you welcome.

Hi Mother thank U.. :O) *hug*<br />
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geetar.. I think he had no choice, loved it.. my brother was not into it..I was...guess I was the son my Dad had..haha!~respect accepted! :) Thank.U. so much *hugs*

handy woman.

tee he he ur right .... when i think bout kid's now days stuck on puters it's sad :( so much to learn do and see! u would never catch me in the house ever! growing up! thank U!! *Tiger*

LOL thank U Bro ...I think it's fun !! i'm never bored {{Happy Dance }}} hope u feel better!<br />
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Fruitloopz..Mmm one day my gf and i changed the sink facet in the kitchen it was too much LOL but' we did it..after all!<br />
I did all the plumbing for a washing machine too..many things.<br />
Thank U! hugs!

Thank U Arthurca.. LOL charge by the hour :) hugs!<br />
for u 30% discount!