Paid To Squirt

I wish I could send each one a copy of the audio of her *******. Its such a turn on to hear her scream in extasy . Back in February I bought some toys to spice things up. I had seen her squirt a little from just sex but lately she just hasn't been herself. I unpackaged the toys and showed them to her . She wasn't impressed. They were large sexflesh ****** not too long but real girthy . She said no way was i putting that in her the largest is 2" across and 8" long. I had to get her to agree. The only way i could was to pay her. She is so motivated by shopping. So after agreeing to pay her a 100 dollars ,we began. I started slow with a bunch of lube . Only putting in half of it . Slowly i worked it in all the way with her vibe buzzing that ****. And this big **** streatching her tight ***** she began to moan with pleasure. Keeping the rhythm steady her nipples began to grow, chill bumps began to cover her body, instead of holding me off she pulled me in. Her legs directing my rhythm , her mouth openning around my neck, her nails digging in my back. Then her body bows up I continue to pound it hard . Then the SCREAM so loud , not caring if anyone could hear not caring about anything except that big hard ****. Then pushing my hips it pulls out and the juices flow soaking me and the sheets as she squirms and giggles like she is being tickled. She pulls me to her kissing me wildly. This was her first of many sessions.
joshweber joshweber
41-45, M
Sep 8, 2012