Love The Male Navel And Body Through Male Gutpunching

Hi! I guess it started at about age 4 when I met JA. He was about my age and lived down the block. It was the 1950s and we hit it off as friends. I remember crawling underneath the front of his house into a nice large space where we were alone and could play together. One day in the Summer, it was hot and both of us removed our shirts. Of course, we noticed our outie navels and proceeded to feel each other's and rub our navels and bellies together. We liked doing that and did it throughout the Summer. Alas, Johnny and his family moved 2-3 years,later so it was not until I was 9 or 10 when other young kids moved into the neighborhood that I got to experience this again. JD was one year younger and had a decent body for a kid and a nice innie navel. I had gotten taller and also had an innie. So, we started feeling each other's navel and rub bellies when we could. I liked feeling his navel more than he liked feeling mine, but he did not mind it at all. This lasted until I was in high school when he and his family moved away. But, another friend and I had started showing interest in our respective navels and bellies and started gutpunching each other. We concentrated around the navel mostly. M was younger than I was, so I could not punch him that hard or he would cry. We had most of our gutpunch sessions in my attic, safely away from my family. It was our secret. This ended when I went to college. At college, I had only a couple of experiences with other guys. Met Tom in Junior year and got my first taste of feeling a hairy male belly and navel. That was so hot to me, and our gutpunching sessions got me really hard. But that only lasted a few months and I was too busy to continue it during Senior year. Didn't get much action after that as I spent the next 5 years getting my Master's degree and getting a job. Then I met the love of my life, and while he is my soul mate, he is not into navel action nor gutpunching. But now I am retired and 62 and have found a few people who love to gutpunch a bug gut, so I am back in the scene. We trade punches and both guys are into navel action also. I hope to find other guys with the same interest and hope to meet up with them if possible.
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I have a belly button fetish i am gay and 19 and have had this fetish ever since I have been little everytime i see one my **** immediately gets hard, I don't know what it is about them so when I turned 18 I put an ad up craigslist asking somebody if they would come and finger it and somebody responded saying he would do it and he hosted and when i took my shirt off he just started getting deep down inside it and stroked my hairy chest and nipples and i did the sameto him i was hard and ******* within a few minutes

Alex, I would love to take you on and work some magic on your perfect innie belly button with my hands and tongue. Really get into you. Where are you located? If you aren't too far away, maybe we can meet up and compare navels. Rich

Great narrative. I've same experiences since boyhood. Now keep training for ring-like action with other guys. Punching from fight stance & navel worship/torture my faves.

I've had a navel fetish since I was a kid too but never got much into gut punching... Until recently. A navel buddy and I have a channel on YouTube (BellyHoleDudes) that you might enjoy.

!!!!!!! I've had navel fetish since i was kid like u!!!why?why this feel happened to us?

I'm into this, too. And about your age. We must have developed this interest at about the same time. Boston here. You?

I was born in NJ, but moved to SC after college. Live in Columbia, so if you are
traveling South anytime, drop by, and i will give you some nice Southern gutpunch hospitality. I am 6'0", 350, smooth belly, but can take a punch. Hope you are hairy, horny, into gutpunching and navel play. Let me know!

Now where were you when I lived in NJ. I grew up there and have since moved to Arizona. Granted a lot of bellybutton sightings here, but not much all. I'm 6'0, 240, light fur on my belly. I have friends in other states that are into bellybutton play and one is into gutpunching as well. Too bad we're a distance apart. I think we'd have some fun!