Does Your Family/friends Know That You Wear Thongs?

i was sleeping over at my bestfriends house, we were in his room playing video games, and it was a hot day, so we were with no shirts, just shorts. so time went by playing video games, and i dropped the control, as i bend over to get it, my friend said "are you wearing a thong?", i tried to ignored him, but he kept asking. so i finally said yes. and he was soo cool about it, thats a real friend for you:)
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that is cool I am not a fan of thongs myself but I have tried them before

My best friend and I were getting changed at my house and he saw me put on one one of my thongs ..and said "you really wear thongs" I said yes and told him they are very comfortable and the support is great. I gave him one of mine and told him to try it the rest of the day. Guess who now wears He love them as do the girl he is dating loves them on him. He has thanked me ever

That's what I call a good friend:) lol

Every dude who wears thongs comes across a situation like this at some point, not all go as good as yours did so I am glad to hear it. Same thing has happened to me and because my friend saw me in one and that it was "ok" he tryed them out and now loves them. Ive had others not so accepting hahah!

Right? And that's cool that your friend loves them, and sorry that others friends don't accept it, but **** what they say lol

I have a friend that I've known for most of my life and when younger we would occasionally enjoy sex with one another. He and I are older now and he's married to a wonderful lady. It seems that since he's aged and married he's become extremely homophobic and very conservative in his thinking. He has a beautiful in ground pool and hot tub that I enjoy swimming in. He let me know from the first that Speedo swimwear was NOT ALLOWED in his pool. As a teen I swam on the swim team and fell in love with the way Speedo briefs and bikinis felt when I was swimming. I have put on a little weight from that time; but, I'm still in shape enough to wear Speedo's and feel comfortable. I so wish he would change his mind; but, unlike me he's really got a gut on him so I doubt that he would ever wear a Speedo or allow anyone else to. What a shame!

Aww sorry to hear that. What a shame:(

That is a friend worth keeping!

Totally!! And til this day he's cool about it:)