In The Gym

I decided to turn up for gym early one morning. It is a mixed gym and males always wore tops and shorts.

However, this day i turned up at 5am without kit. I ******** to just a pair of white bikini briefs and trainers and ventured in the gym. I warmed up on the treadmill.

When I started the gym was empty but two or three were there when I finished my 5 mile run. I was dripping sweat. I moved on to the stairmaster.

The gym owner came over and asked for an explanation of my unusual kit.

I told him I had forgotten my gear and really needed a workout. Others in the gym did not seem to be paying attention and it was a non peak time - and "it is a free world".

The gym owner said he would think about it.

Two weeks later he wrote to me to say he was opening another gym where nudity was allowed. "If undies are worn they would be owned by the gym and randomly picked by the user".
muddyboy muddyboy
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Wow! Great story. I work out early in the morning after I do cardio I go to the steam room and just lay nude at time is too early hardly any body is there and management is not there to enforce the rules of no nudity