I have been in a cage for 5 years now. My wife and I talked about my habbit of jacking of befor we were married. I was agreed that after the honeymoon , I would start wearing a cb. On the last day of our honeymoon she locked me up. I am unlocked at least twice a week for cleaning while under supervision by her or her sister. If she is in the mood for sex, I am released. It was real hard at first. Now I feel out of place with it not on. I think all males should be caged as thay enter puberty.
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you rite man. many men have abused their ***** with excessive jacking off, and not to mention infedelity. A man's erection is solely for his wife/gf's enjoyment. i learn to satisfy my wife to ****** without *******. i always create a mess when i *** she says. in fact, whatever i shoot out, i have to eat it back. so i have learn self control.

How were you allowed to ****** ?

I could not agree with you more. I see no reason why a boy should not be put into chastity at a younger age. Every mother should be putting there boy (s) into chastity as soon as puberty comes. This will not only keep them in better control but will also teach them that woman are in control and also keep any girls from getting pregnant. Lets think about this Mom's and take control your boy right away.

youlucky to be unlock so much for sex<br />
i been in chastity for 10 years an now 6 month lock upwiht one release for ******