Wonderfully Frustrating

my wife just made me watch her... show herself a good time, all the while laughing that only 7 more months left for me to be locked. she is wicked.
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

I've been locked up for 5 years now. I get one *** a year, in my hand. My wife crammed me into a small metal spiked cage and you learn real quick to try not to get hard! My wife is great looking and loves to torment me by walking around naked and playing with herself in front of me. She even makes me watch, tied up with a giant vibrating butt plug up me, while she ***** her boyfriends. And yes I moan and shake and sweat because it does try to get hard, but can't, over and over again. She says when I moan and pant it turns her on something fierce! When she pulls my face in between her legs to eat her it really throbs and I can't help moaning and shaking. This just makes her *** harder. I would kill to be able to **** her just one more time, but I know that won't happen. You'll just have to learn to accept it.

Longest I have ever gone is 8 days and I was going nuts then

How long do you think is too long - time-wise.

I get some relief by milking. You get use to not ******* but you never forget it. Sometimes I wish I could get this tight cage off and use my **** again but I know that won't happen. I've been locked up way too long.

i have a question, if i may. i am new to male chastity. i don't know if my device fits properly. what is happening is when i get aroused i fill the cage and my pen is is filling the hole at the end that you urinate through. is that normal? i'm worried i'll do myself an injury.