The start of a tension filled week

Photography: G. Farquhar
Model: G. Farquhar
Digital editing: G. Farquhar

TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
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2 Responses Sep 4, 2012

Demo ad:<br />
<br />
Come and enjoy an afternoon or evening of "Sketching Skin" with our Artful Nude G and his talented tutor!<br />
Creativity is encouraged. Laughter and enjoyment is a MUST!<br />
Open your mind and expand your skill with this charming man and his menu of poses and props.<br />
Prizes awarded for creativity...<br />
<br />
For racier groups you could also include...where the law allows.... :D<br />
<br />
*Special prizes awarded if one can coax an "attentive stance" from G Jr. <br />
Fun and frolic with your pencils and enjoy the view!! ;)

Perfect. You're hired. How do we get started?

These are ads to put on your website, local papers and even fliers passed around...also your business cards.... Make sure there is a picture of you too cause you're adorable and hot in a really approachable way which is wayyyy better then not approachable for business.... Have fun with em!! Folks respond to the fun in the ads...

I am clueless about chastity....hubs and I are indulg-a-holics....but I did some serious thinking and came up with a name for this vid.... <br />
"Lock-a-****...... I could totally be your "front gir"l with marketing this!! <br />
<br />
You have to wait till Sat to get unlocked?...... I'd die and I'm pretty sure hubs would too!! <br />
Just be careful you don't blind the poor girl before she gets you in her mouth....High velocity ejac can be wayyyyyy dangerous I hear!! :O

It's OK. I've got my instructions and she's got hers. She gets into the country on Saturday afternoon, we get back to my place and she unlocks me. I get in the shower and I'll leave her watching a slideshow of some videos and gifs I've prepared. When she hears the shower switching off, she gets down on her knees and waits for me to stick it in her mouth.

However... if you're good at marketing, then it's not chastity that I want you to promote? It's me and my own classes and general brand of pervery. How would you go about doing that?