Living Up My Wife's Dreams

My wife got me in a cb6000s, to spark up our dull marriage and to remedy my cronic ************ problem which i admitted to her. our sex life has improved with her getting her ****** from my harder erection and i being refused ***********. i have overused my life's quota of ******, she said. it's the peak of her sex life and i have abused mine. i agreed to this. she has made me swallow my own *** a few times due to uncontrolled ***********.

but i love her very much and she treats me like a real man of her life. i placed her needs first and would go extra length to live up to her whatever fantasies. lately she mentioned that she would love if i would suck my best friend's **** and swallow his ***. your dream is too far-fetched and i'm not gay, i said to her. nonsense, she said, she knew there's is this 'bromance' or brotherhood crap thing between best of male friends. as a reward, she will love me more and allow me to hang out with the guys for drinks more often. i was really hesitant to agree but i promised to make her happy in whichever way.

what the hell, so i lied to my best friend, desmond, i would suck his **** off because i lost a bet with my wife, please keep this a secret, don't tell the guys, please agree to this, forget this whole thing once its over and resume our friendship, ok?. and please be clean and ***
quickly. he agreed and grinned and said, what are best friends for.

so last weekend, desmond came over and i brought him to my wife who was dressed casually. i had nothing on other than an underwear over my cb6000s. she said they have met before during our wedding and after enough pleasantries, she unbottoned his shirt. wow, you got a great chest, she said and gestured me over and said, lets start. take off your underwear dear like you always do at home, she told me.

oh, my, i obeyed and took it off and my best friend saw this plastic tube over my **** and gaped his mouth and said, i never knew.... . I said its another lost bet thing, ok?.

He unbottoned his jeans and unzipped. my wife crossed her leg and watched from the couch. i went down and held on his **** base and put my mouth over this dickhead. its the first time i tasted a ****. it's smooth at the tip and rough at the bottom. and he was big, almost choking. i didnt know what to do next, leave it as it is, suck it, stroke it or whatever. i did all of it, and soon my friend shot his *** into my mouth and i swallowed in a gulp. its not unlike mine, just thicker and more bitter. it's all over in 5 minutes.

desmond pulled up his jeans and said, see you soon. my wife gave him a long kiss and showed him the door. she turned to me and tugged at my plastic tube and rewarded me with a passionate french kiss. i think she love the taste of his *** in my mouth. she said she's glad i did this just for her.

in my teens, i used to love fantasies of getting ******* from girls and now, never thought i would be at the receiving end. let's do this more, she said.

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What a great wife you have