College Girlfriend Put Me In A Chastity Belt

My first college girlfriend was great. We had a ton in common and she was really attractive. We were having a lot of fun with one small issue. She had been cheated on and trusted no guy. A couple of months in, after having her overly paranoid, she told me she wanted me in a chastity belt. I didn't even know what that meant at first. She said I shouldn't have a problem with it, unless I was going to cheat. She also said that she didn't want me to jack off because I'd probably think about other girls when I did. So I was stuck. Either get dumped, or get my **** locked. I reluctantly chose the latter after she said I'd get a lot of *******. At age 19, getting locked up is horrifying. Anyways, she locked me up and took total control. Denial made me her *****. I did whatever she wanted because her erratic temperament meant that it was easy for her to say "no" to sex. She began stretching out by a day or two each time how often I could get off. Eventually, she made me wait over three weeks, and then finally over a month when we were fighting and near a breakup. It was exhilarating, frustrating, and humiliating all at once. When she didn't want sex, but felt like letting me get off, I had to kneel in front of her and jack off. She was never patient for this and made it clear that if I was too slow, the cage was going back on. Thats my story. I find it far sexier now, years after our breakup. At the time I was just sick of blue balls.
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Thanks for.sharing your story. I wonder what she is doing now. believe she has .another man locked?

Great story!

nice story

love it im in cb6000