I'm Now Locked In Secure And Effective Chastity.

I have finally taken the plunge and contacted Carlilock.com about being my keyholder. Please see my pictures to see the device i am now currently locked into. If you send me a friend request i will add you so you can see them. The way they work is you lock yourself in a device, place the keys in a keybox like realtors use on houses for sale, take a picture of the combination, without looking at it, email it to Carlilock, again without looking at it, and erasing the picture from your computer. Then, they control how long you stay locked up by the information you gave them in the beginning. Things like what the minimum time is required before release, what other members vote, they can add or subtract from your time, nonmemebers can vote on adding or subtracting time also. (see request below). There are also penalties and such that can add time. There are emergency procedures for emergencies, so no worries there. As of right now i have been in active lock-up for 18 hours and 16 minutes. I personally wish i would NEVER have another erection or ***********, but hope to find a kind owner to finally train me to have only internal feminine ******* and to NEVER leave my clitty free again. However, being the sissy i am, i do not have that kind of will power on my own. So, i am doing this. I would love to hear back any comments, suggestions, ideas you might have. I would like to hear if you do visit the link listed below and vote. I would not mind hearing how you voted, but don't think you have to tell me. You can visit the sight as often as you wish to vote to add or subtract from my time if you allow 30 minutes between each vote. Thank you for reading this and I do hope you vote, and vote often. celia

I have a request if you would please. I am now locked in a chastity device. my chastity key holder is:


Please visit and vote how long i stay locked up. A sissy slave like me needs to stay securely locked in chastity and really should have No input as to how long the chastity device stays locked on. Please visit my pictures to see the device locked in place. If you believe a sissy slave such as i should NEVER be permitted unrestricted access to his sissy clitty, please vote accordingly. celia
sissyslavecelia sissyslavecelia
51-55, T
Dec 1, 2012