I Want To Buy Another Chastity Belt

I just don't know which one too get i have a cb-2000 but it is broken and a metal one won't work for me because of the work i do. I just wondered what u, guys recommend i would like to know what u guys think of that birdlocked silicone one
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8 Responses Dec 9, 2012

www.holytrainer.com a great device.

I haven't worn a birdlock chastity so I can't offer any opinion but I would recommend a cb-6000s.

Honestly, truly, buy a Lori! You can get a Lori 2A for about $200 - not far off a cb**** and same price as other metal devices, At that price, security won't be great (despite what you wish and what others will tell you), but it will be 24/7 wearable, more secure than anything else at the price, and you'll get fantastic customer service. Be prepared for a long and expensive journey if you what full security.

i like the curve!!

I had the Bon 4 and loved it espically when you get the right ring on. I wore it for 2 months with no problems. The ring started to rip and my KH said get a new one right away. I looked around and like the way the diC*cage looked. I ordered it and have been in it since it came in Early Feb. I love having the silicone and you can get the plastic locks for travling.

I can pull out if I need to but when its on you remember way your wearing it and I would never doo that plus you'll never get it back on and have to explain it.

I would recommend the mature Metal brand......

I love the CB6000 definitely give them a look!

My bf had the silicone cage but it was a nightmare to get on, plus he could slip out of it if he really wanted to and he is on the large side. Before that was a plastic one but that pinched quite badly. We have just bought a steel one so fingers crossed this one will do the trick and he can be locked up for more than a week. Hope you found one suitable for your needs :-)