My Best Friends Big Stinky Footjob

Last summer, July time, my best friend I'd known since January, invited me over for a sleep over. I was at my best friends house for a week because my family was out. Dad was on a business trip, mom was looking after my grandparents and my sister was at uni. On the first night of my stay, I arrived when my uncle dropped me off (I was 15) anyway, I said bye to him and rang my friends doorbell. There he was, his bare feet on the dirty concrete. He said hello and we cheered in excitement, I was at his house FOR A WEEK, A WEEK! Not to forget how much obsession I had over his hot feet. He told me he had been gardening with his mom and he showed me the soles of his half black, half green and dusty feet. My **** was as hard as ****! He has a very sexy, healthy build and his feet are big, wide and his toes are plump! Anyway, I walked in and greeted his family and we then walked upstairs. He lives in a 3 story house and his bedroom is right at the top. I could hear Gaga playing from his doc in his bedroom. I've always thought he is bisexual even tho he tells me he's straight. He knows I'm bi and he is very accepting and social. He is extremely open minded but I was a shy little gay when it came to my foot fetish. I think he already had a hint because I couldn't take my eyes off of his smelly, dirty feet. I went to his on-suite bathroom and there I saw it, a pile of his dirty white socks laying in one corner of the bathroom. My **** was sprung up! I headed for the pile, got on my front and dug my horny face right deep into his smelly socks! They smelt of cheese and grass! I grabbed one sock and wore it over my stiff **** and then held three move close to my nose before rubbing them all over my face. I didn't want to jerk off, I had that planned for later ;). Anyway, I left the bathroom and saw him on the bed playing on his ps3. I joined him and sat on his bed, right next to his right foot. We were playing a fighting game and i would deliberately lose, when I did, I would act like a loser and play fight him. He was laughing to
Hard to Even notice that I would sit on his angle and let his playful foot rub my sneaky ****! I got so hard that I sat back and we started watching a movie. He had planned to wash his dirty feet but clever me decided to massage his shoulders. It worked! He was asleep! His BIG, SWEATY, FOGGY, DIRTY FEET were asleep right before my happy eyes! I waited for 5 min until he was in deep sleep and then I made my move. I turned the tv off, unplugged everything and sat down on the bed and stared at his heavenly plump toes! I was so desperate and horny, I ******** so my big bare **** was exposed and I gently grabbed his big manly foot and rubbed it up from my ballsack to the end of my bell! I let out a quite moan as my **** throbbed in pleasure. My whole **** was now dirty and stinky. I grabbed both of his feet and cupped my them around my helpless ****! Up down, up down I slid them as I made his big gruesome feet, ********** me! I was sweating because of the intensity. His sleepy feet twiddled and he wiggled his big fat toes while his feet were WRAPPED around my hungry ****! I couldn't take it anymore. I jacked off my desperate **** with his dirty soles and my **** was as smelly as ever! I went in for a sniff of his intoxicating feet and I then shoved m **** in between his big toe and his second TOE! I cummed all over his feet and his wiggled on my **** as they were being soaked in my ***! It was the best feeling ever!!!' I was so starstruck, I turned him over on his front so his feet were dangling off the edge of the bed. I sat on his soles so my **** was place in the tiny gap where his feet were place together and I rested my face on his ***. I stayed like this for 2 minutes and then went to sleep next to him. He woke up and he was acting very happy! It was a very strange happy ;). He looked right into my eyes and said, "good news, we're gardening again today and all my socks are in the wash ;)" my heart almost skipped a beat and that night, he gave me a footjob with his big, dirty, sweaty, stained, stinky feet. He did this the next day, the next, an the next. He's doing it again when I see him this Friday. ;).
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I so wish I was u man I love to smell and **** feet especially black and Latino and blantino soles if u no some one tellem to hit my mailbox

I wish I was u

you are so lucky


Your so lucky :-) :-) :-)

I am so hard now

I want to jam my **** threw those soles of hi.s!

Great story I have a similar one but to trampling... I love being trampled and got t done by my best friend casually:>) he made me have an ethnic fetish too... Lmao

Where is your story? I'd love to read it