The Three Main Excersizes

Excersize 1: When you get up for your morning ****, the urethra muscle you use to squirt out that last drops pinch(flex) don’t literally pinch them with your fingers. Pinch Those 10 times quickly. Maybe skip a **** and next time do the same. DO this until at least 3 ****** a day you can do three sets of 10. Exercise 2: Using the same muscles pinch and hold for 3 seconds. Continue to do this until you can do 10 second holds of 10 pinches for 10 sets. Then mix up the exercises. Remember this is your groin muscle easy steady as she goes, you do this too fast and you’ll realize you don’t have to chase a wide receiver into the end-zone to pull your groin muscles. And then you’ll never do this again. Unless you like the sharp pain “Ooohh DADDY!!” Exercise 3: you’re not supposed to ********. But you’re supposed to jerk-it. You’re supposed to watch **** “Wax-off wax-on!” Until the moment of impact then let it digresses. Once it unhardens jerki it out (not off) again then stop two strokes before you take the hill and redo it. Now doing this you’ll have several dry-runs or literally wet runs. Because you’re almost there two strokes from paradise it’s kind of hard to take your foot of the gas blow the whistle and cancel the game because of rain. You’re like I’m going to bust a nut this time, next morning I’ll show some restraint. You’re trying to get to two seconds before you bust a nut so you’re mining your best spank-bank material. I wake up; I do a dry stroke until….. Then I’ll do a set of Bicycle elbow knee exercise. Do another dry rub, then another set of bikes. In-between the second and third set of bikes I’m not even touching it, it’s doing a dry heave by itself. Trust me you rub it too just b4 and you don’t need a snooze alarm or coffee you’re up and ready in more ways than one. Now I did all these exercises for 2-weeks, I would’ve preferred it was 3-days but the girl I was with was a tease and a prude. I busted a nut so hard and so impacting I thought I was going 2 have a heart attack! My heart skipped a couple beats; I was scared of my own **** and tried to run away from it. “Oh god it cut me off again, run the other-way run the other way! Egad there it is again!”
36-40, M
Jul 20, 2010