Male Tickling

I greatly enjoy male on male tickling because I am gay. It also makes me horny and Iove to be tickled by a male. I had a couple of tickling experiences. When I was in high school, my friend hogtied me and tickled my feet for hours. That experience changed my outlook on tickling. I felt so happy to be tickled by a male. Another time, I witnessed two college twins tickling each other on their bellies, and it aroused me to the point where I cummed.
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Those two twins were probably tic_ling each other ALL over their hot little bods...(LOL) I would love to have had them both tied up and used myself and two extra sadistic tic_lers to give them a good wor_over with feathers, fur muffs and fur collars, oh so soft fox and min_ pieces drug slowly over their privates and butt holes till they squirm and scream from too much feelgood...(GRIN) Does that get anybody hot? If so, e-mail to me at (they won't let me give my e-mail...DRAT!) and you can get the best tic_le of your life where you will be all tied up with no place to go but CRAZY!!! (GRIN) The more you beg me to stop, the harder and hornier I it is a zero sum game for YOU once you are tied up...But you love it, don;t you? (LOL)

I think you are a gay , be honest , simply

He flat out said he's gay in the first sentence and honestly why would it even matter

I don't like being tickled. I've seen vids of hot males being tickled, and I don't like them. The laughing gets to be annoying. What I do like is being edged and seeing other males being edged. Seeing their bodies and contort with pure pleasure is very arousing to me. I have always wondered if there is a similar psychology to watching tickling. In both cases the men are restrained, writhing, and being controlled by others.

Yes, there are two basic types of it real torture with rib gouging and rough brushes on foot soles, etc. then there is the VERY soft seductive tactile treatment with soft fur and feathers slowly and sensuosly applied to all the sensitive part of a guy or gal's anatomy, till the squirm and moan fromWAY too much feelgood going on at many places at once...which is why having two assistants to help you totally pleasure a helpless tied up stud can be very erotic for all participants, including the guys who are doing it to the tied up muscle hun_ who cannot get away from three sets of hands doing all sorts of super pleasure everywhere at once...Yes, seing that being done to a hot muscle straight dude gets my motor runnin; BIG time...(GRIN) You too??

Well I don't get tickled often or like at all but I like ticking to.I like male on male tickling also well I prefere.

it aroused me to the point where I cummed. sometimes this happen to me

I love guy on guy tickling too. It's the best!

I am not in college or School in general but, having a Man who likes to gentle stroke and kiss and touch my Bare Feet is VERY erotic to me . ! I once had a B/F who would play with my bare Toes from under a takble while dinning and it always got me aroused .

are u in the states? because iam in ontario canada.