Male Tickling

I greatly enjoy male on male tickling because I am gay. It also makes me horny and Iove to be tickled by a male. I had a couple of tickling experiences. When I was in high school, my friend hogtied me and tickled my feet for hours. That experience changed my outlook on tickling. I felt so happy to be tickled by a male. Another time, I witnessed two college twins tickling each other on their bellies, and it aroused me to the point where I cummed.
gullibleboy gullibleboy 18-21, M 5 Responses Apr 3, 2011

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I'm exactly the same way! I can't stop thinking about tickling and getting tickled mercilessly by guys. Had a couple experiences being playfully tickled by friends, but only for a few seconds or maybe a minute. I had to pray they didn't notice the rock-hard ***** I'd get from it! Wish I could find someone who'd really tickle the **** outta me, especially my feet!

it aroused me to the point where I cummed. sometimes this happen to me

I love guy on guy tickling too. It's the best!

I am not in college or School in general but, having a Man who likes to gentle stroke and kiss and touch my Bare Feet is VERY erotic to me . ! I once had a B/F who would play with my bare Toes from under a takble while dinning and it always got me aroused .

are u in the states? because iam in ontario canada.