I Wrote The Book On It, Part Deux

In a story below I mentioned my novel 'My Name Is Rand,' an adventure story loaded with mostly male-on-male tickling scenes. It was published by Suspect Thoughts Press in 2004, then picked up by Lethe Press in 2010 after Suspect Thoughts sadly folded.

Now I have another tickle-torture novel out. Called 'In the Time of Solution 9,' it's a science fiction story that takes place in the distant future, when Earth is threatened by superviruses. Science comes up with a virucide called Solution 9, which is put in every source of drinking water to protect the population. The chemical has just one side effect...it eliminates ticklishness.

Enter our hero Wade, a man who is, for some inexplicable reason, immune to the side effect of Solution 9. As the only ticklish man on Earth, he is highly desired by ticklephiles. But when he hooks up with a tickling-obsessed male couple, and another couple enters the scene, things get out of hand. A tale of obsession, betrayal, murder, abduction and captivity rockets off to the four corners of the universe!

Or something like that. Actually, the science fiction "worldbuilding" in the novel is kind of cheesy. And if 'Solution 9' is reminiscent of 'Plan 9 from Outer Space,' it's no accident. Think Ed Wood, not Steven Spielberg. But the tickle torture--both m/m and alien/m--is very authentic. And for those who are looking for a real novel (as opposed to one-dimensional ****) the book has a lot to offer.

I don't make much money from these books, but I am grateful that there is a publisher that is willing to print them. Like most indie presses, Lethe doesn't do a whole lot in terms of marketing and promotion; that's pretty much left up to the author. I guess that is part of the reason for this post. But the main reason for this post is to share something that is important to me and, I hope, will be important to others who are obsessed with tickling.

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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

very nice ....where r ur posts in tmf

I can heartily recommend "My Name Is Rand" for heart-pounding erotic
tickle-fantasy at its finest. Being a lifelong tickle-victim I could imagine myself in
the same predicaments as Rand and went through that book breathing heavily
with palms sweating and throat dry. So "In The Time Of Solution 9" must be great
too. Thanks Wayner - can't wait to get my shaky hands on that one!