A Gift From Life ......

my love of history and of times past , lead me to look at an old thread mill  which had recently been restored to its formar glory. As I walked around the exterior looking at the yellow sandstone now cleaned and   the white window frames with twelve pains of glass in each freshly painted, on this sunny day she looked besplended  as the Coates family her owners had intended back in  1755 . Now the site is a buiness centre and the four  floors housing many   offices and buisness,s . To this end I decided to have a look inside at the original  floors , something about the sound of my leather shoes as I walked on the oak floor holds a certain resinence for me . That is where she gave up a wee secret , one of tennants was none other the UK sales office for the Bruchladdich a malt whisky of fine distinction and a favorite of mine . I chapped the door and asked if I may come in ,the woman was a bit surprised at the request but after expaining that I am a collector and have several of her  ageings in my collection .   We had a long chat over the merits of some malts over others even had a wee nip at one or two . During the course of the conversation I noticed a strange looking bottle on the shelve  ,very tall and black more like a wine bottle my host explained that Octomore is the most peatted malt in the world 140ppm apprently !! a nice five year old and 61% proof into the bargain !!!!

I was hooked another one for the collection .


Nice when life throws you a gift ......

salar1 salar1
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7 Responses Mar 14, 2010

You ever had any moonshine salar? We got some of the old good stuff up here. Even marked with the X's. My family is southern and use to make it during the days it was outlawed. Drink it now and the stuff would probably kill ya.

SS the glen of tranquillity a nice dram , well it would proberly sent you back close to £80.00 now !!!

Pix , I open one on occasion , but no the alcohol do,s not go bad ....

When you collect whiskey does that mean you never open the bottles? If you open the bottles will they eventually go bad?

Now how to go about finding one.. Im sure i will figure it out.

well any single malt whisky ten years or older would be sufice young man ...

I never had a malt whiskey or much of any types of alcohol. My parents are alcoholics and i think it is just fine if i wait till i am 21 to drink because of them. In about 5 months i will be 21 though. I will have to see if i can find anything good to try on my birthday.