Aside from his charming and rugged good lucks, this is easily one of my favorite shows on television. Bash on what you want about the show's legitimacy, he has never tried to portray like he is doing all this on his own, he is only giving tips for survival. This show is show is the shiznit!

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Gracias mujer!

I once saw an episode where he had just gotten off the helicopter, and within a few steps said he was hungry and started munching on some worms, I'm like you just got there :P

lol oh yeah. hes a trooper though. i don't care what might happen to world i would never do half the crap he did.

just saw that one, that area was strange as heck.

i never watched that show before till they did the urban jungle one..omg that dude is crazy awesome.

Nah, it is all about having a good time through ex<x>pression, you did no such thing :D

Sinatra, classy...

But first you must sign a liability waiver, superwoman has faced one to many lawsuits in her day.<br />
<br />
*hands forms*<br />
<br />

Unless you want to fall, then I suggest you do :P

OMG you are a madman, why take the train when you can fly with me ;)

Nothing body heat cannot cure<br />
<br />
*shivers*<br />
<br />

Woohoo, let's go to Siberia baby!