I Love Man Utd Too.

My Dad and Uncle used to go up to watch Man U many years before I was born. When I was little (5 or 6) I got Man U gloves and scarves and a shirt although I also got sent (much to my dads bemusement) Liverpool stuff by some family members.

Most of the Primary school supported Liverpool and so I was a bit of an outsider in that respect and I remember the mickey taking that we never won anything and could only talk about past glories.

I liked football as a bit of fun but I was still into Toys and Games and stuff so it wasnt a passion.

1986 was the year I started to play Boys football. It was also the World Cup in Mexico and I got a Subbuteo with a Brazil and Italy team. Looking back I dont know why but I was fascinated by these Foreign names and players. I also loved the squad numbers upto to 22. I had a Ladybird book about the tournament, and the sticker book and kept the goalscorers/results etc. I had some friends in my village from Denmark so as well as supporting England with my Dad I followed them too. They started brilliantly and the football was great and I used to like Jesper Olsen and now Michael Laudrup. So first getting into football was probably the World Cup.

Following that MU were not great, and I watched games on TV but wasnt a major follower in the proper sense. Euro 88 came and went and when Italia 90 came around I was really getting into football, playing it all the time and looking forward to starting mens football.

I think it was the first time I got really passionate too about the game and England. When we went out in Mexico to the Hand - and genius of Maradona it was a shame but I just got on with it. At Italia 90 I was totally gutted by the defeat to Germany. Sorry draw to Germany and loss on Penalties. They didnt beat us!!!

After Italia 90 I was 16 and started playing Mens football. I got into the banter of the games, the rivalry. I had been talking to my Dad and uncle about Man U when he used to go, looking through the old programmes, the legends and wanted us to be like this again.

And of course under Fergie this happened. We started to win things and dominate and the rest is history. Lots of ups, some downs but the passion is there. I started to go to some games with my Dad, then my mates and I sought everything to do with them. On my holidays it was amazing to see the support and interest of Man U fans abroad. Norway, the US, Czech Republic - the shirt is loved.

I hate being told 'Your a glory fan' when you lived through all your mates supporting Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton - whoever was winning at the time.

Anyway, I am proud to have the love of MUFC.

I dont get to go to watch very often now. But I watch every game on TV that I can, I have my portfolio of stats that I keep and keep them updated. I have a bet that I put on in 1994 on Giggsy to get to 800 games for MU and that is almost here!

I love MU.


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Thanks for sharing. HUGS, livingwell