Always Come Back to Them

I started listening to pop music in 1996, fairly late, and nicked my brother's stuff mostly, including a 1992 compilation with the Manics' cover of "Suicide is Painless" on it.  Loved it, bought "Everything Must Go", which I also loved, but without going any further.  As I got increasingly depressed in my teens, got more and more into them, particularly The Holy Bible.  At some ponit, as I got happier, I thought I'd grown out of them, or liked them only nostalgically now, but these days it's all coming back.  I'll always be a Richey-era person, I think, but some of the later stuff makes me happy too.  Can't wait for the album of Richey-lyricked music...

I was at the Manic Millennium.  Wonderful and awful night, given my company and general mental state.  I went there with the explicit hope that Richey would suddenly emerge on the stage and come back to us...

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5 Responses Feb 26, 2009

i think your under valueing nickys role . . it was only the holy bible in which richie wrote most of the lyrics.

Agreed, I mean "Roses in the hospital", only Richey could've pulled that one off.

yes they waited an extra 8 years if i am not mistaken.<br />
I think they're using the left over lyrics because they need a "popularity injection" with the new generation and lets be honest, Richey is/was a lyrical genius

Yeah. They held on a long while after the usual time for legal declaration. I wonder whether the decision prompted the band into deciding to use the left-over lyrics at last...

yeah that Richey thing is a total mindf**K. You know they have a bank account for him with his share of the proceeds for "when" he comes back. But his parents had him declared legally dead last year