Culture Changes

Hi everyone! I am just your average 60ish grandma with 7 grands and a set of twins arriveing next month. I noticed this title and thought about how much I've changed, as has our society, over the last 100 years ( I managed only 62 years of it, so far).

When I was born, blacks and whites were separated by cities,schools, churches,parts of the hospitals, restraurants, water fountains, and restrooms and just about everything else that was considered the White Comunities' domain.  My black friends had to have really big cars to travel interstate because they rarely found a convenient place to stop for sleep, food or restrooms.Banks had difficulty lending to black entrepeneures. Now we have Mr. Obama in the Presidents Office. It does not matter to me wether I am Republican, Democrat or Independent, I am VERY HAPPY that the PEOPLE of this United States have enough humanity  and common sense to be able to vote well this last election for two very qualified candidates. Apparently the race of each individual was not that big of a factor like it would have been just 20 years ago, and 60 years ago...forget it, never happened.   I was 17 when they made it legal for interracial couples to marry in California. Prior to tha,t there were a few interracial marriages, and I rarely read about the law being enforced over the issue in California. Now California is working on including gay marriage as an "equal right". It will be here soon and our gay friends will then be able to have the same benefits for their lives and families.

In my middle thirties, the first marriage dissolved due to my hubby loosing his mind and disappearing into his body never to return sane.

A few years later I married a sweet guy with a deep voice that sounded like the Arch Angel Gabriel in command!  We were highschool classmates in the sixties, prior to the repeal of the law against interracial marriage. During highschool he did ask me out  and I plainly told him that there is no use to date unless there is some chance of love and that a black and white could not chance the societal complications. In otherwords I said "no".

We married 15 years later and had a fine marriage in so many ways that lasted 19 years, from the early 1980s through early 2000s. This period in our California was full of changes. There were people who adored our union and others nearly wanted to kill us. The black women were bitter because a white woman had "taken" one of their "few good black men". The white men were upset because "...a black man has no business trying to take care of a fine woman."

We were simply our happly little selves and very little of this behavior bothered us. We merely noted how childish society can be.

Today, I notice the beauty of people around me all the time. I enjoy trying to figure out their lineage and heritage. Their stories are fascinating and the hearts and loves of all races are echos of my own personal experience. How could I ever hate someone simply because of their skin color or physical characteristics? I could not!


I bet there are a few others out in EP land who could share the changes they have seen culturaly and how very important it is that our Global Community be respected and admired as well as fully vested in all the natural rights of Humanity. 

 Love and Peace from the 60's


Radiant Radiant
56-60, F
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Lovely and interesting, thanks for sharing.

Wonderful post, Radiant. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone felt the same.<br />
And congratulations on those grandbabies!