I Certainly Love Maps

I use to use them daily as a patrol officer and later as a chauffeur. Was one of the first classes at my high school to take geography and did the ROTC mapping competitions back in the day


Yep great tools for everyday life

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LOL at this 3am exchange!! You guys are more pitiful than me in your EP addictions.. I'm certain it was before 2am that I signed off.. we really need to join a support group.<br />
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I too love maps!! YEAH.. Can I join? I know how to read topographical maps from my army days and later in cave exploration (no I'm Not Kidding).<br />
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****, I just woke myself up crying and here you guys are working the opposite direction. "It's 5:14 AM... do you know where your dreams are?"<br />
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I have an idea. But google maps couldn't compute directions from START: to FINISH:.

same here in fact I must log out now and cry myself to sleep

you forgot to add the part about where we put flowers in their mexican wrestling masks and fire them at each other<br />
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This is what led to the famed Battle of Flowers that San Antonio celebrates

GPS is a government conspiracy to remove the glory and ambience of the great and glorious map society

WAKE UP!!! It is darn late and I am not going to bed because I might miss somthing. HURRY UP!!! What is the<br />
"secret of the ceremonial abduction"???...DD<br />
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What do you guys think of GPS?

Do we dare?<br />
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Well we are in the I love maps group: I guess you can

yes I could only hold my head down to surpress the emotions I felt

We always had a moment of silence to honor those lost during our meetings

ah yes how could I forget, you have to be at least 6ft to become a folding guard

yes the secret of the fold is closely guarded