Tourney Time

The "Sweet 16", "Elite Eight" and then the "Final Four."  I love the NCAA Tournament and keep my TIVO hopping to make sure I don't miss a single moment.

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I am involved in two brackets and rooting for my teams in the west, but with USC in the forefront....Go USC!

again i ask how would the word "large" in any way make you think of.......oh yeah right LOL i get it reverse psychology

oh SNAP! "Larger increments." I like it.

Yiou said you can't imagine in large numbers lol

ok how did this story make you think of any of my pics LOL

LOL Rick, you just made me think of your picture you posted here once. sorry for going there. I won't be going to many events for a while myself unless my boys pay for it. I love being a woman.

uhm...nope i can't imagine money in those larger increments LOL

Can you image how much profit there is selling beer at that price?

they still sell out most of their games though they have had to resort to package deals lately with the economy

OMG... **** that. That's crazy.....

$7.50 at the arena i go to for the occasional hockey game....i understand the NHL team in Detroit is charging more than $10 for a beer these days!

lmao. I know. 7 bucks for a beer... sheesh

right now i can't even afford to go see the junior hockey team in my hometown when the playoffs start and that is only about $15+$6 for parking and i don't even fantasize about getting a beer at the games LOL

I hear ya. I haven't gone to the big 12 tourney for a few years because of that. Especially since they moved it to the new sprint center. it's just not the same.

I absolutely love March Madness - every year for as long as I can remember I have taken off for the first round. it was great a few years ago it lined up with St. Patricks day - which is another day I have to take off. This year I will work Monday than i am off the rest of the week. So if your having a party maybe we can start Tuesday for St. Patty's day - I will bring the Guinness and Jameson's! Definitely be drinking the Middleton and we can fill in with the special reserve!

money money money! or the extreme lack thereof

Why is that rick?

i'll never get to go to see any of those cool things live :-(

Going to the superbowl is cool. The final four is the biggest event I've ever been to. I love the big 12 tourney when it is here. At least when it was at Kemper Arena. They set up a bunch of huge tents and sell beer and have big screens everywhere. I believe there were more people outside than inside. It's a huge party.

Chris, I won tickets a while back from one of the sodas that I drink and I had a release so gave the tickets to some of my friends. I was not happy. I did get to go another year but had to pay out the hiney for the tickets. I did get to go to the Super Bowl for free one year; the first one I went to in fact.<br />
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Aqua, please extra lime. <br />
<br />
Fogarty, Thanks for the DVR. I didn't want to advertise for TIVO, but I couldn't remember what the machine was called.<br />
<br />
My, I will never tell lol.<br />
<br />
Leiz, You are so sweet. March Madness is what college basketball fans get when the tournament starts. <br />
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Rick, I love it all. I pull for the underdogs unless they play my team.

Great. That's a good reason to throw a party. Invite some friends... have some beers... it's all good.

i don't think any of my favorites even made it to the tourney last year but a couple of them have a chance this year

My team was national champions last year... :-)

i'm one who loves the first couple of rounds and then it gets less interesting from there because my teams are usually long gone by then LOL

LOL... leiza. see how nice you are. I would have read it and moved on...

I really dont under stand march madness ...<br />
but I wanted you to know I read it anyway .

I have to admit, the horn bugs me a little too. Sometimes they're just so LOUD... damn... anyway, I put up with it because of everything else.

chris, it's that manic atmosphere and that damn horn that makes me hate it. ballz's alma mater has this huge fan base and they get crazy sometimes. You have to stand up every time they're on defense. I told him if I wanted to stand up and sit down like that, I'd go to Mass. He's at the game right now without me!

I went to the LA superdome in 94 to watch the final four. What a great time that was. I always try to go to the big 12 tournament when I can. It's an awesome atmosphere...

ballz is a basketball fanatic. My older 2 kids got to go to a Final Four game several years back and my cousin's kid was at Davidson the year they won. Personally, I hate basketball. I do, however, get into it once it gets to the Elite Eight. Shhhh! Don't tell him that, though.

After the Sweet Sixteen, I watch EVERY game (or at least DVR them).


MMM u bring the spaghetti. You don't bum anything love.<br />
<br />
Aqua, Bring me some corona darling.

I'll bring the beer fungirl...what you drinking?!!

Nope, or at least I hope not lol.

Do you think I'd show up without it???

Awwww I had never thought of it like that Al. It is sad.<br />
<br />
Bring some peanut butter Chris.

I will. Nothing better than march madness.

I am ready ladies and gentlemen. Who wants to come over and drink my beer and watch it with me?

I always pay the most attention to figuring out what "small" school is going to make a run. I'm hoping Curry and Davidson can make it even further than last year.