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My mother used to play 'Tosca' on the old gramaphone we used to have. This is the divine Callas performing at Covent Garden.



mizzen123 mizzen123 46-50, M 5 Responses Aug 11, 2010

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My twin, it is wonderful to share such beautiful music, and you are so right about the depth and range of Maria Callas, and my kindred, she is indeed utterly breathtaking. In some ways, she reminds me of Billie Holiday. The almost unbearable pain in their lives is portrayed in every note they sing, is what makes it so emotional to listen to. My twin, thank you so much as well for your comment about my mum ((((hugs))). Listening once again brings back so many feelings *teary eyed smile* It is great that you were raised in a family where you could learn to play. It's one of my unrealised ambitions to play music.<br />
<br />
Love you both xxoo

She's utterly breathtaking.

I have goosies running amuck up and down my spine. I am awestruck by the depth, range, and emotion ( not to mention a God given gift that she is blessed with ). This will be the day I'll remember as 'my introduction to Maria' and smile. <br />
:D<br />
love you xx<br />
I love the memory of you and your mother, too. I'll always be grateful that I was raised in a musical home and encouraged to learn, play, and perform.<br />

Possibly 'La Boheme', the way the aria drifts in :-)

My sweet, you are very welcome. This takes me back to Sunday evenings, I would emerge from my bath to find mum lost in this, or 'La Boheme', feeling every note. I came to love it. xx