I Love Mariah Carey.

Mariah is my saving grace. I don't look at her a "'Famous' singer"... i look at her as a woman who has been there and writes about it. Growing up for me, was hell. I hated myself for being bullied with one friend who got bullied too. I constantly got jabbed with pencils, made fun of, called names(mean names)... got hit, beaten, and grew up in a very bad family. My father would beat me and abuse me and my mom wasn't always there. I'm only 15 now, but its been a lifetime for me. I will never forget the day I heard Mariah Carey. It was around noon, June 11, 2011. Watching a 9/11 video, hero came on. I was suicidal for a few months, and i tried constantly to leave. When hero came on, i fell in love with her voice, talent, use of words and everything. She saved me from leaving. I've never heard of her before that day. But ever since I've been her number one fan for saving my life and I hear her music in school now, and i hear her name in the hallways... its amazing. I hear her name more that mine. i love her so much. I've never met her, but I know one day, I will. All her songs are tied in my heart and all the lyrics are deep within my soul. No one will ever change me, my music and what I do. She inspires me more than anyone ever would/can. I now can reach a Eb7 like in Emotions and a G1.... all because of her. Before I only had a 2 octave vocal range. I love everything about her, I listen to her in school, after schoool, before school. She will never leave my life. If any thing happens to her, I will be devastated and i would be depressed until she gets better. No one ... NO ONE will ever reach her at all or have her talent in writing music and singing. NO BODY..... I love you Mariah, more than as a fan, more than as a lamb, but as a person who was victimized in every situation by every one. You saved me.
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This is beautiful.

Mariah helped me love myself as a gay guy with her song "Outside." Music has an incredible power. To me, Mariah's music is a gift from God. :)

Wow, what an incredible story. Mariah's the best! Carry on strong :)

I had the same thing happen, I'm 14 and a accomplished singer and person