She's Like a Drug.

I was 22 when I first saw and heard Mariah.  I love good music so her sound was great but when I saw her, I felt a connection.  We looked similar and that was not something I said often.  I am also multiracial like Mariah.  Although, our family set up is different.  My mother is African-Am. and dad is Irish.

I would buy her albums and watch the videos over and over.  I went to her concert in 2003 in the Northwest.  Not many people were there.  They acted like they forgot MC.  I didn't though cuz I'm a lamb.

I can't wait to see "The Goddess" again live!  I even went blonde once in her honor.  Many laughs from friends and family.  ( Listening now to: "I've been thinking about you." Music Box album)


Thanks for reading.


mixedchick2 mixedchick2
1 Response Sep 26, 2008

you are so lucky youve seen her in concert.i too can replay all her videos and songs again an agian love to have hair like hers,and her clothes.mine is long but not as full.bunnydrop,nice to chat.may go watch her video now.