Well... the Old Stuff!

When I was a teen and the album "Butterfly" came out, I rushed out and bought it! I have the cd still, in excellent condition, and I've burned the tracks onto my i-pod! :-D

I do love Mariah's voice and as a teen, I would try to train my voice to sound like hers... but that was futile! lol. She has an unique talent of hitting the high notes... as one guy said on some show (I can't remember the details of which guy or show =p), what is normally whistling to us, is really her voice. She has a genetic flaw in her vocal chords, where the sound of whistling can be used in her voice, without having to push your lips together and blow!

I don't know if that report was true or not... but what I know is, when I try to to sing "My All" or "Outside"... it sounds like a cat being strangled! :-o

And... I also like the naughty song, "The Roof". Heehee! :-D

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

I, too, have tried to emulate her unique voice. Her mother is a professional opera singer, Mariah has had extensive vocal training, along with the God Given talent that makes her unique!!! I wish I could sing exactly like her too;but the I wouldn't b unique either.