Good Music For When High?


I absolutely love Marijuana ... and it seems that ANY song with a guitar and/or harmonica sounds amazing when I'm high. I also like Bob Marley too.


But I wanted to make a nice "feel good" high playlist for my iPod for when I'm good and high. LOL

I like that Tom Petty song ... "You Don't Know How It Feels" LOL I always sing along to when he says "let's roll another joint" LOL. and I like some Bob Marley songs.


But does anyone have a good list for songs like this. I don't like that crazy heavy metal stuff ... LOL. I like the hard to explain good happy music. LOL.


Random Note: No joke ... until I started smoking weed ... I hated that kind of music. LOL.

Have a Wonderful Day!

magickisreal09 magickisreal09
Feb 10, 2009