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I Had A Dream About Him

In my dream, Brian somehow knew me and finally realized I was his one true love. The dream was absolutely corny but I loved it all the same! He took me in his arms and kissed me. Ah! *swoon* if only!

findmeholdmeloveme findmeholdmeloveme 18-21 2 Responses Mar 22, 2010

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Then there was this one time i dreamed that Brian and i went skating together later i found out that he never wanted to be a performer his dream was to be a professional skater then i thought wow how would my dreams know that about him? i love to skate after reading that i felt so much closer to him i cant to wait to meet him face to face theres always so many people in the way its crazy that you only get to glace him then hes gone.

I have dreams about him also heres mine just had a dream last night i was having a whole concert in my <br />
<br />
room there was moshing and people going crazy and my dad didn't even care about all the <br />
<br />
noise we were making and people were braking all kinds of expensive stuff and all my favorite <br />
<br />
bands were there asking alexandria were throwing people in to the crowd and i was ripping off <br />
<br />
his clothes and running with them as he was cursing me out chasing behind <br />
<br />
me to get them back ha ha ha it was so much fun one of the best dreams i have ever had.